General questions

I'm new, what can I do?

To guide you and answer your questions watch the introductory video tutorials below.

Are the courses free?

Yes, the courses are free and at your complete disposal.

Do I have to take all the courses?

It is not mandatory to take all 8 courses that are on the platform.
You can freely choose which competences to explore and complete.
At the completion of each course you will receive the corresponding badge. Remember, to consider a course to have been completed you must have taken the interactive courses that comprise it and have passed their quizzes.

What is an Assessment?

It is an evaluation test to select digital talent.
Once you have completed the learning to learn, communication in your mother tongue and digital skills courses you will have access to the assessment and get the most important Badge: the Reverse Mentor badge!

You will have only one attempt and 70 minutes of time in which to answer 60 multiple choice questions.
To pass the assessment you will need to answer 70% of the questions correctly.

Once you have obtained your Reverse Mentor Badge your name will be entered in the database of the Human Age Institute and you may be selected to coach managers/entrepreneurs and help them acquire new digital skills.

What is a Reverse Mentor?

Filling the role of Reverse Mentor is an important job opportunity.
Reverse Mentoring is a learning process through which young people, typically with less professional experience, but with a strong digital skills, help seniors to familiarise themselves with technology, looking for a mutual exchange.
In reverse mentoring, the digital skills of the young and the experience of seniors come together to mutually increase awareness of the surrounding world.
Those born in the digital world can better convey this culture to professionals with years of activity and achievements, which in turn increases awareness in the young and the vision of a professional activity.

How to

How do I access the courses?

You can access the courses only after you have registered.
When you first log in to the PowerU digital platform you will need to register by clicking on "Create a new account" button.
You can also log in with Google, Linkedin or Facebook, thereby avoiding entering your username and password.
Registration, whether it is done directly on the platform or via the social media, is very simple and easy: you will be asked for your personal data and accept the policy conditions.
When you have filled in all the compulsory fields, the registration of your account will be considered completed.
After completion of the registration you will shortly receive an email to confirm your account and you can finally make your first access on the PowerU digital platform.
Enter your "username" and "password" (you will not be required to do this if you access the platform via the social media) and, if you wish to, tick the "Remember username" box so you don’t have to repeat this operation again.
Once connected, you will find yourself in the platform’s Home page.
There are eight courses, one for each competence recommended by the European Community.
You can freely choose which competences to explore and complete.

How can I delete my account?

From the home page, just click on the top right on your name and enter the Profile section. Now click on the DELETE MY ACCOUNT button.

How can I gain extra points?

The more activities you do on the platform, the more points you get. In addition to the activities necessary to obtain the badge (interactive courses and quizzes), to distinguish yourself from others there are Participatory activities like share contests, story contests, change contests, quote contests and photo contests are not necessary to complete the course, but allow you to get many points in the Leaderboard: 75 points for engaging in the activity;
5 for each like you have received;
10 for any comments received;
10 for every comment posted.
Click here to see all the points associated to the activities

How can I see my score in the ranking?

You can see your score in the ranking on the home page, in the LEADERBOARD section, where you can find MY SCORE.

I registered but I have not received a confirmation e-mail.

It is possible that the mail confirmation has ended up in your junk folder, or that the email address provided at registration is incorrect. If you have checked both of these possibilities, please contact us at [email protected]


What are the badges for?

The badges are used to certify the acquisition of a specific competence. For each course completed you will obtain corresponding badge.

Where can I find my badges?

You will receive the badge in the e-mail provided during registration. On the platform, you will instead find them collected in a special section. From the home page, just click on the top right on your name and enter the Profile section. Now click on the MANAGE BADGES button.

I did not receive the email relating to the acquisition of the badge, what should I do?

First check whether you have actually completed the course activities. The activities you need to complete to consider a course completed are interactive courses and quiz contests. If you have successfully completed the activities and these are marked by check marks, check if the mail is in the junk mail. Also, check whether the badge is in the platform section that collects them. From the home page, just click the top right on your name and enter the Profile section. Now click on the MANAGE BADGES button. If you still could not find the badge you have obtained contact the help desk.

I have completed all the required content but did not get the badge.

Check whether you have successfully completed the mandatory activities: interactive courses e quiz contests.
The completion bar can monitor the percentage progress of a course.
You reach 100% after having completed all the "Interactive courses" and "Quiz contests" the course contains.
When you have completed the interactive course, you will find a blue tick mark in the corresponding box and you will have gained 100 points, which will be added to those in your Leaderboard. At this point you can access the corresponding quiz contest.
It is a multiple-choice quiz with only one correct option to choose from.
You will have three chances to answer correctly at least eight out of ten questions. You'll gain 100 points by passing the quiz, but if you do not manage to do so by the third attempt you will receive 0 points.
If you have completed them contact the help desk.

Can I still get the badge if I do not pass all the course’s quizzes?

You must pass all the course’s quizzes for each competence to get the badge. You have 3 attempts for each quiz. Once you have exceeded this limit you will no longer be able to try again and you will lose your chance to get the badge for the specific competence. Prepare yourself as best you can!